What is React Router?

React Router is a routing library that conditionally renders some components to display depending on the route being used in the link. It handles routes in a website using dynamic routing.

For example, we can connect our website’s homepage may be chiragjain.co.in to chiragjain.co.in/contact.

We use the same HTML page to render the different components based on the URL in a single page of websites. While in the case of multipage websites, we get a new page from the server when we navigate.

Learn React Routers in 5 Minutes
Learn React Routers in 5 Minutes

Getting Started

How to Install React Router?

First, you need to set up your app to use react-router-dom. …

In recent years, the use of images on websites and applications has increased exponentially. Also, due to the high camera quality of new smartphones and cameras, image sizes are also increasing with their quality.

If your image size is too large, then your website will probably take too much time to load. Therefore, optimization must take into account not only CSS and JavaScript but images as well. This will ensure a good experience for your visitors.

Image Compressor Website using ReactJS
Image Compressor Website using ReactJS

How to build an Image Compressor Website using React?

In this article, I will help you create your own image compressor website using React modules. …

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